Oct 252016

Book: Now until 30 Oct 2016
Travel: 27 Oct 15 Mar 2017

Fancy a large plate of fish & chips by the bay in sunny Sydney? Or would you prefer them in the cosy setting of a shop in London? With Malaysia Airlines’ amazing deals to both Sydney and London, you can enjoy both!

From Kuala Lumpur (From RM)


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Economy (One-way)


Economy (Return)


Economy (One-way)


Economy (Return)


Economy (One-way)


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Business (Return)


Oct 192016

Travel: 18 Nov 2016 – 31 Dec 2016 3 DAYS LEFT – FLY DIRECT FOR LESS PENANG TO SABAH & SARAWAK With our new routes across Malaysia, you can now fly non-stop between Penang, Kota Kinabalu and Kuching. Dine on local delicacies under the Penang sun, wander the shores of Kota Kinabalu or discover the rainforest of Kuching. Explore Sabah & Sarawak in under three hours with non-stop flights from RM129. From Penang (From RM) KUCHING Economy (One-way)   129 […]

Sep 012016

Book: Now until 5 Sep 2016 Travel: 5 Sep – 31 May 2017 (Economy Class), 31 Aug – 31 May 2017 (Business Class) GET SMART. GET MATTA FAIR DEALS FROM RM99. It’s time to see the world. Enjoy our lowest prices on all-inclusive return fares and enjoy flights with no hidden charges, free credit card waivers and free luggage allowance, all from RM99. Don’t miss out! From Kuala Lumpur (From RM) LONDON Economy (Return) 2,099 Business (Return) 10,699 DOMESTIC PENINSULAR […]

Aug 102016

Book: Now until 15 Aug 2016    Travel: 14 Aug 2016 – 31 Mar 2017 (Economy Class), Now until 31 Mar 2017 (Business Class) UP TO 50% OFF FARES The Malaysia International Travel Mart is over but you can still grab our incredible deals until 15 Aug 2016. With fares starting from RM108, book now and save big! From Kuala Lumpur (From RM) MELBOURNE Economy (Return) 1,699 Business (Return) 5,509 KOTA KINABALU Economy (Return) 218 Business (Return) 890 KUCHING Economy […]

Aug 052016

Book: Now till 15 Aug 2016    Travel: 14 Aug 2016 – 31 Mar 2017 UP TO 50% OFF FARES Explore the world’s favourite destinations like London, Sydney and Bali or take your travel local with deals from only RM58. Book now. Save big. From Kuala Lumpur (From RM) ALOR SETAR, PENANG Economy (One-way) 58 Economy (Return) 108 SANDAKAN Economy (One-way) 169 Economy (Return) 308 MEDAN Economy (One-way) 201 Economy (Return) 309 BALI Economy (One-way) 320 Economy (Return) 469 PERTH […]

Jul 202016

Book: Now till 25 Jul 2016    Travel: 19 Jul 2016 – 31 Mar 2017 TAKE YOUR RM ALL THE WAY TO LONDON With the Malaysian Ringgit at its strongest in years against the Great Britain Pound, your RM now gets you further. Book now until 25 Jul 2016 for all-inclusive one-way fares from RM1,382 on Economy Class and RM7,433 on Business Class and even stretch your travel period until March 2017. From Kuala Lumpur (From RM) LONDON Economy (One-way) […]

Jul 162016

Book: Now till 30 Jul 2016 Travel: 18 Jul – 30 Sep 2016 HOLIDAY SAVINGS UP TO 50% OFF FARES Seize the day and book your vacation! Sydney, Medan, Delhi, Auckland and more are yours to discover from only MYR191. Making your travel plans local? Fly with us from only MYR67. From Kuala Lumpur (From MYR) ALOR SETAR, PENANG Economy (One-way) 67 Economy (Return) 124 KOTA BHARU, LANGKAWI Economy (One-way) 67 Economy (Return) 124 LABUAN, MIRI, SIBU Economy (One-way) 120 […]

Jun 302016

Book: Now till 4 Jul 2016 (Economy Class), Now till 10 Jul 2016 (Business Class)    Travel: 2 Jul – 25 Aug 2016 (Business Class), 5 Jul – 25 Aug 2016 (Economy Class) GO HOME FROM ONLY MYR68 It’s that time again to be with loved ones. Book now until 4 July with travel from 5 July – 25 August and taste the warmth of home.From only MYR68, fly home to Kota Bharu, Langkawi or Kota Kinabalu with more destinations […]

Jun 202016

Book: Now till 24 Jun 2016 Travel: 17 – 25 Jun 2016 (International), 19 – 25 Jun 2016 (Domestic) LEAP INTO YOUR HOLIDAY WITH INCREDIBLE DEALS FROM MYR68 There’s so much of Asia to explore like the ancient wonders of Siem Reap, incredible beaches of Phuket or the latest trends in Seoul. Not to forget local delights right at home in Malaysia. Take your pick from the many destinations on offer and book your holiday now. From Kuala Lumpur (From […]

May 212016

Travel: 21 May – 30 Nov 2016 Incredible fares up to 50% off make it possible for you to travel Business Class whether for work or leisure. So why not make your next trip a stylish one?   Domestic FROM KUALA LUMPUR Business Class From MYR (Return) ALOR SETAR, PENANG, KUALA TERENGGANU 920 KUANTAN, KOTA BHARU, JOHOR BAHRU 920 LANGKAWI 1,100 KUCHING 1,310 SIBU 1,320 KOTA KINABALU, LABUAN, TAWAU 1,400 MIRI, SANDAKAN, BINTULU 1,400   International FROM KUALA LUMPUR Business Class (Return) From MYR […]